Eddie Dickens

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Eddie Dickens is the lead character in six books by British author Philip Ardagh:

Awful End (US: A House called Awful End)
Dreadful Acts
Terrible Times
Dubious Deeds
Horrendous Habits
Final Curtain

and a number of Christmas short-stories specially written for Philip Ardagh’s website.
The character first appeared in print in the UK in 2000, but originally as a character in letters from Philip Ardagh to his young nephew Ben, who lived in Moscow at the time. Eddie’s adventures have been translated into over 30 languages.
The son of Laudanum and Florinda Dickens (referred to as Mr and Mrs Dickens throughout), Eddie is usually a victim of circumstances in a Victorian world populated by absurd relatives, including Mad Uncle Jack, Even Madder Aunt Maud and her stuffed stoat named Malcolm (or according to Mad Uncle Jack, Sally). He also has an identical cousin named Fabian, but is unaware of his existence until the fifth book, Horrendous Habits. Eddie’s father is the only one to know that they are all simply characters in Mr Ardagh’s books.

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